cvsync (local mirror) is another CVS repository synchronization utility by MAEKAWA Masahide (maekawa AT cvsync DOT org), which is very similar to CVSup but not compatible with it, and written in C and pthreads (POSIX 1003.1c-1995, aka ISO/IEC 9945-1:1996) library. Although it is still AT EXPERIMETAL STAGE, it has reasonable portability, better performance, and IPv6 capability.



Release information

2003.11.06: cvsync 0.24.12

cvsync 0.24.12 has been released. Changes since the previous release include:

cvsync 0.24.12 is available from:

MD5: 7b686d008bb4c47d7378a902d0e66ca7
SHA1: 2b2c492b0adaa52b81949fee10ed7b948b3ea8eb

2003.11.03: cvsync 0.24.11

cvsync 0.24.11 has been released. Changes since the previous release include:

No other incompatible changes.

cvsync 0.24.11 is available from:

MD5: 26c52b4e530485b3634deb5764ea395c
SHA1: cb0ffd98a3e0a96fe123ec2dd3d914572b8f01f9

2003.10.30: cvsync 0.24.10

cvsync 0.24.10, a point release for a critical bug fix has been released. cvsup2cvsync in 0.24.9 includes use of an uninitialized variable, which could cause unexpected behavior.

cvsync 0.24.10 is available from:

MD5: 22d8aa1c05b118ef6d20c196d9343ac4
SHA1: a16de93fc3c90f5daacbd7260ccb2e6354b354ce

2003.10.29: cvsync 0.24.9

cvsync 0.24.9 has been released. Changes since the previous release include:

Related Resources - Primary distribution site

cvsync is available from via HTTP, FTP, and cvsync protocol. Visit the webpage!

cvsync CVS repository

A web interface to browse the CVS repository of cvsync is available from:

cvsync-devel Mailing List

If you use cvsync, you might want to join cvsync-devel mailing list. This list is for technical discusstion of cvsync. For the details, see mailing list service overview page.

Public cvsync Servers

You can retrieve available collection list of these servers using "cvsync cvsync://remotehostname/".

If you offer public service using cvsync, please let me (hrs _at_ allbsd _dot_ org) know. I would like to add it into this list.